Kylie Jenner – Breaking Google

Kylie Jenner a few months ago launched her own lipsticks brand “Kylie Cosmetics“.
People went crazy since the first launch and the lip kits went sold out in a day. She restocks her lipsticks and they went sold out again. Basically, every time she restocks her lipsticks her website crashes because of the big amounts of people trying to buy those.

Una foto pubblicata da King Kylie (@kyliejenner) in data:

Last night she restocked her lipsticks for the second time in a week, but this time the lipsticks went sold out in a few minutes. Kylie filmed the whole process on Snapchat and she freaked out when the team said that Google wasn’t able to keep up because there were so many people on the website.
After the sold out, she posted a picture on Instagram promising that she will restock the lipsticks again.
So if you didn’t have the chance to buy the lipsticks, stay tuned and be patient and hope that her website won’t crash again.

Una foto pubblicata da Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) in data:

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