Emily Ratajkowski – 7 things you didn’t know about her

emily-ratajkowskiNowadays Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most famous models, but definitely there are some things you don’t know about her. 

1) Her parents didn’t want her to work as model. At 14 years old though, she signed the first contract in the fashion field. Now her parents are happy about her job.

2) She acted in 2009 in Icarly, the comic series for youngsters. She appeared in 2 episodes.

3) In 2001 she appeared in the Treats, an erotic magazine. She was naked with her knees to her breast. It’s just to that shot that Robin Thickie and the “Blurred Lines” director have noticed Emily. After having seen her beauty, they called her for the employment.

4) At the beginning, she refused to be part of Blurred Lines video, but in the end she accepted.  That because she found out that the music video concept was funny and ironic.

5) She hasn’t problems in being naked. She could act nude with no embarrassment.

6) She loves her name and she was in another two music videos before Blurred Lines. Read more here:


7) On her official Facebook page, many italian people make fun of her in a very bad English. The majority asks her to take her clothes off and other gross things. Poor Emily! 

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