Camilla Cabello breaks all the records on Itunes

Her debut album “Camila” was one of most waited. When it was uploaded on Itunes, it happened something never seen before: the album got the first position in chart in 99 countries!

The singer left her first music group “Firth Harmony” at the end of 2016. She didn’t get well with them anymore, so she took the important and wise decision to work on her own. Initially, she was thinking to work alone and with the Fitfh Harmony at the same time, but she knew it would have been hard and fruitless. She wanted to have full freedom to write her songs and play music. Before that moment she took part in the songs  “I know what you did last summer” by Shawn Mendes and in “Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly.

In 2017 she had her first success collaborations in “Hey Ma” by Pitbull and J Balvin and “Know No Better” by Major Lazer. Her official debut was with “Crying in the club“, but her name got worldwide with “Havana” .


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